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Measurement of dynamic lift on in-line cylinders exciting acoustic resonance in cross-flow
Mahmoud Shaaban, Atef Mohany

Last modified: 2018-04-21


The excitation of acoustic resonance by cross fluid flow over cylinders of various arrangements has been frequently reported in a vast spectrum of applications. The resulting severe noise levels and the associated structural vibration can cause significant damage to critical components and often raises environmental concerns. When cylinders in cross flow are in proximity of each other, recent studies reported the occurrence of resonance due to more than one excitation mechanism, resulting from the oscillating wake structures and from the interference of flow structures in the gaps between successive cylinders. In this work, simultaneous measurements of the instantaneous lift force affecting several rigidly-fixed cylinders arranged in a row and subjected to cross-flow are performed at resonant and non-resonant conditions. The relative magnitudes and phase between forces of successive cylinders are analyzed to identify the contribution of the individual cylinders as well as the contribution of the interactions between the successive cylinders on the flow-excited acoustic resonance.


lift force, inline cylinders, acoustic resonance

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