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Control of vortex shedding from a circular cylinder by rotating wake-control cylinders at a moderate Reynolds number
Gustavo R S Assi, Reinaldo M Orselli, Mariana Silva-Ortega

Last modified: 2018-06-12


The suppression of vortex shedding of a larger circular cylinder by the interference effect of 8 individually rotating wake-control cylinders equally distributed about its center is investigated by means of three-dimensional numerical simulations at a Reynolds number of 10,000. Visualization of the wakes revealed a complex disruption of the vortex tubes for the higher rotation speeds. A consequent reduction in the mean drag of 84% and the fluctuating lift in 89% was obtained when compared with the reference values of a bare cylinder. The power lost to rotate the control cylinders at the highest rotation speed is lower than the power lost by the system due to drag. Configurations of control cylinder that can suppress vortex shedding may produce more efficient suppressors for flow-induced vibrations.



vortex-shedding, wake control, computational fluid dynamics

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