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Suppression of Acoustic Resonance in Pipelines Using Helmholtz Resonators
Karim Sachedina, Atef Mohany, Marwan Hassan

Last modified: 2018-04-21


The effectiveness of Helmholtz resonators (HRs) inserted in various configurations along a pipeline system is investigated under conditions of acoustic resonance. It is shown that the acoustic damping achieved by a single, large volume HR can be achieved using multiple, smaller HRs. The attenuation is found to be dependent upon the location of the HR along the standing wave, with maximum attenuation achieved at the acoustic pressure antinode and minimal attenuation at the node. Mean flow introduced into the pipeline is shown to slightly reduce the effectiveness of the HRs. Additionally, the use of multiple HRs placed at strategic intervals along the pipeline is shown to achieve significant damping, eliminating the need for determining the standing wave formation in order to determine damping device placement. The results show the potential for using HRs in industrial systems, where space may be limited and characterizing the acoustics inside the pipelines is impractical.


acoustic damping;Helmholtz resonator;piping system;resonance;pressure pulsations

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