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CFD-Based Reduced-Order Models for Dynamics of Elastic Aircraft
Ruolin Sun, Chao Yang, Zhigang Wu

Last modified: 2018-04-17


The motivation of this paper is to develop a rapid and accurate reduced-order model (ROM) based on CFD data for the unsteady nonlinear aerodynamic calculation of elastic aircrafts, which is often critical for dynamic simulations but traditionally computationally expensive due to high dimension. In this paper, the aerodynamics of a representative high-aspect-ratio, light-structure and flexible aircraft are captured by developing an ROM using neutral network algorithm. In the work presented here, certain rigid modes and elastic modes are chosen as inputs of the model, while aerodynamic parameters such as force and moment distribution are considered to be the outputs. The training data of such model is constructed following an optimum input signal design method in order to consist of aerodynamic data of a series of unsteady motions involving representative amplitudes and frequencies. The efficiency and accuracy of the model are expected to be evaluated by comparing results obtained with CFD simulations using a numerical model of a high-aspect-ratio vehicle of conventional layout. The application of the ROM above is expected to contribute to the dynamic simulations of elastic aircrafts with reasonably high fidelity and significant reduction in computational overhead.


computational fluid dynamics; reduced-order model; elastic aircraft

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