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FIV2018 Conference Controlling the Flow-Induced Vibration of a Circular Cylinder Via a Single Spanwise Tripwire Abstract
Ehsan Vaziri, Alis Ekmekci
FIV2018 Conference Damping and source strength characteristics of corrugated pipes: Influence gap width Abstract
Stefan Belfroid, Knud Lunde, Nestor Gonzalez-Diez, Sigurd Naess, Joachim Golliard
FIV2018 Conference Damping of an oscillating body in a fluid Abstract
Hugh George Goyder
FIV2018 Conference Development of dynamic model for axial vibration of a liquid hydrogen turbopump and determination of its cause Abstract
Kazuya Sakamoto, Akane Uemichi, Itsuki Onishi, Takayuki Sugiyama, Shigehiko Kaneko
FIV2018 Conference Development of Human Dummy Composed of Flexible Structure for Riding Comfort Evaluation Abstract
Chienyu Lan, Shigehiko Kaneko, Naoya Tenda, Katsutoshi Minami, Akane Uemichi
FIV2018 Conference Distinct response branches of a freely vibrating square cylinder Abstract
Rajesh Bhatt, MD MAHBUB ALAM
FIV2018 Conference Dynamic instability of a simply-supported rod subjected to axial-leakage-flow in a finite-length narrow gap support Abstract
Heung Seok Kang
FIV2018 Conference Dynamics and Stability of a Pipe Conveying Fluid with an Imperfect Inlet Support Abstract
Mojtaba Kheiri, Abdolreza Askarian
FIV2018 Conference Effect of chord-wise flexibility on propulsive performance of oscillating foils Abstract
Dylan Iverson, Mostafa Rahimpour, Makito Sakai, Takahiro Kiwata, Peter Oshkai
Saber Mohamed, Samir Ziada
FIV2018 Conference Effects of Aspect Ratio and Distance between Two Square Cylinders in a Tandem Arrangement on In-Line Oscillation Characteristics Abstract
Kazutoshi MATSUDA, Kusuo KATO, Yuta NAKAMURA, Haruna INOUE
FIV2018 Conference Effects of flat-bar support on in-plane fluidelastic instability of a parallel triangular tube array subjected to air-water flow Abstract
Teguewinde Sawadogo, Bruce Smith
FIV2018 Conference Efficient flutter boundary and limit-cycle prediction algorithm based on the time spectral method Abstract
Yiming Gong, Weiwei Zhang
FIV2018 Conference Evaluation method for In-plane FEI of triangular array tube bundle Abstract
Shingo Nishida
FIV2018 Conference Evolution of the dynamics of loosely supported tubes under cross-flow with the flow velocity and the gaps' size Abstract
Laurent Borsoi, Philippe Piteau, Benoit Prabel, Xavier Delaune, Jose Antunes
FIV2018 Conference Experimental and theoretical analysis of perturbation growth in a laminar jet Abstract
Julia Zayko, Sergey Teplovodskii, Anastasia Chicherina, Vladimir Trifonov, Vasily Vedeneev, Alexander Reshmin
FIV2018 Conference Experimental investigation of a 2-D model of fluid forces upon a cylinder array in axial flow Abstract
Aurélien Joly, Pierre Badel, Nicolas de Buretel de Chassey, Olivier Cadot, Alexandre Martin, Pierre Moussou, Luc Pastur
FIV2018 Conference Experimental Investigation of Boundary Layer Tripping on Oscillating Foils Abstract
Dylan Iverson, Matthieu Boudreau, Guy Dumas, Peter Oshkai
FIV2018 Conference Experimental Investigation of Cavitation-Induced Acoustic Noise from Marine Propellers Abstract
Dylan Iverson, Duncan William McIntyre, Mostafa Rahimpour, Giorgio Tani, Fabiana Miglianti, Michele Viviani, Zuomin Dong, Peter Oshkai
FIV2018 Conference Experimental Investigation of Effects of Static Pressure and Steam Wetness on Acoustic Resonance Amplitude in a Closed Side Branch Abstract
Yuta Uchiyama, Ryo Morita
FIV2018 Conference Experimental investigation of flow around a rotating rough sphere Abstract
Nan Gao, Zhuoyue Li
FIV2018 Conference Experimental investigation of in-flow fluidelastic instability for square tube bundles subjected to single-phase and two-phase transverse flows Abstract
Xavier Delaune, Philippe Piteau, Laurent Borsoi, Jose Antunes
FIV2018 Conference Experimental investigation of three dimensional motions in a separated shear layer over a backward facing step Abstract
Nan Gao, Zhuoyue Li
FIV2018 Conference Experimental investigation of vibrations induced by cavitating flows around a 3D hydrofoil with tip clearance Abstract
Yu Zhao, Jian Zhang, Jing Wang, Xiaolong Cao
FIV2018 Conference Experimental Study on Fluidelastic Instability of Rotated Triangular Tube Bundles Subjected to Two-Phase Cross Flow Abstract
Tiancai Tan
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