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FIV2018 Conference The Effect of Transverse Tube Motion on the Unsteady Fluid Forces in a Normal Triangle Tube Array Abstract
Loay Alyaldin, Njuki Mureithi
FIV2018 Conference The numerical study of the wave refrigerator with rotating gas distributor Abstract
Wei Zhao, Jinping Li, Qiu Wang, Ji wei Li, Tsutomu Saito, Congxiao Yang
FIV2018 Conference The Pinning Force To Prevent In-Plane Fluid Elastic Instability Abstract
Ryoichi Kawakami
FIV2018 Conference Three-dimensional nonlinear dynamics of an extensible pipe conveying fluid Abstract
Abdolreza Askarian, Mojtaba Kheiri
FIV2018 Conference Transient Pressure Wave Propagation in a Two-Dimensional Fluid-Structure Acoustic System Abstract
Shudong Yu
FIV2018 Conference Transverse and Streamwise Fluidelastic Instability in Rotated Square Tube Arrays Abstract
Marwan Hassan, Dave Weaver
FIV2018 Conference Vibration responses of two tandem cylinders of different natural frequencies Abstract
FIV2018 Conference VITRAN Code – PWR Nuclear Fuel Rod Flow Induced Vibration Simulations Abstract
Roger Lu, Zeses Karoutas
FIV2018 Conference Wall effect on the flapping of an inverted plate in a uniform flow Abstract
Bo Yin
FIV2018 Conference Zone Based Active Noise Control Via Head Tracking For An Aircraft Seat Abstract
Wintta Kidane Ghebreiyesus, Fengfeng Xi
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