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Self-Excited Vibration of a Floating Plate in an Air Floating System (Influence of elasticity of the support structure)
Masakazu Takeda, Kazunori Ozawa, Masahiro Watanabe

Last modified: 2018-04-11


In manufacturing process of steel plate, the plate floats by air pressure and it is conveyed by an air floating system. However, it was reported that sometimes self-excited vibration occurs to the plate and an elastic support structure. The self-excited vibration causes decrease in productivity and noise problem. In order to avoid quality defects, it is important to clarify the dynamic stability and instability mechanism. This paper presents experiments and an analysis of the self-excited vibration of a plate floating by air pressure and an elastic support structure. In the analysis, the unsteady fluid force is calculated based on the basic equation of a gap flow between the plate and the support structure surface. The basic equation considers the effect of air compressibility in a chamber supplying air. The experiment consists of a plate floating by air pressure and a support structure, where the vibration characteristics are examined. The influence of elasticity of the support structure on the instability conditions and the vibration characteristics are clarified comparing the analytical result with experiments. Lastly, the local work done by the unsteady fluid force acting on the plate surface and the support structure surface is shown, and the instability mechanism is discussed.


Self-excited vibration; Floating plate; elasticity of support structure

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