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Development of Human Dummy Composed of Flexible Structure for Riding Comfort Evaluation
Chienyu Lan, Shigehiko Kaneko, Naoya Tenda, Katsutoshi Minami, Akane Uemichi

Last modified: 2018-05-01


Currently, the ways used for evaluating riding comfort are mostly based on testers, the drawback of which is individual variation problem. Therefore, a human dummy capable of representing vibration properties of human is desired to replace a tester. By using a human dummy together with embedded sensors will make us possible to capture the vibration signal transmitted to human body, and as a result, a more objective and universal evaluation method is expected to be achieved.

However, current dummies are mostly composed of 1DOF or 2DOF mass-spring-damper systems, not continuum, which can’t represent human body’s vibration characteristics properly. For reproducing body’s vibration properties, vibrations in continuum should be taken into account. In this context, a new type of dummy made by soft structure and filled with fluid named “Aqua dummy” is proposed by the authors. In this paper, the development process of aqua dummy design method is introduced and then how we show the validity is explained through experimental results.


Fluid Structure Interaction, Internal Flow, Human vibration

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