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Characteristic Analysis of Submerged Exhaust Noise
Tiancheng Miao

Last modified: 2018-04-15


Submerged exhaust process can widely be seen in many fields, such as chemical engineering, ship engineering, metallurgy, etc. This process mainly appearing as complex gas-liquid two phase flow, which would produce broadband sound. In some industry applications, this kind of sound is treated as useful signals, which can reflect many important parameters of phase distribution. While in marine fields, it is treated as noise, which not only makes the submerged equipment more detectable, but also pollute the underwater ecological environment. Whether for the purpose of exploitation or suppression, a deep understanding of the characteristics of underwater exhaust noise is an important prerequisite. In this paper, some achievements in underwater exhaust noise analysis are introduced and discussed, including some previous research and our recent work. The acoustic characteristic of single bubble noise, multiple bubble noise and jet noise are analyzed. The effect of bubble coupling vibration on noise is considered. Based on some experimental results, the composition of noise spectrum under different flow regimes is analyzed. These works would have important reference significance for the analysis of gas-liquid two-phase flow noise.


gas-liquqid two phase flow; exhaust noise; bubble noise; coupled vibration

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