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Experimental study on the effect of volute tongue parameters on the flow-induced vibration of centrifugal fan
Zhenlai Ma, Guoping Li, Changsheng Chen, Yi Zhang, Qiang Wang

Last modified: 2018-06-26


Volute tongue is an important part of centrifugal fan flow components, the structure change of which can cause the change of the unsteady flow field in the fan which will affect the flow excitation characteristic and vibration characteristics of the fan. Set up a decoupling test platform for separating vibration of different parts of a marine centrifugal fan. The influence degrees and effect laws of the inclining types, the parameter coupling of inclining angle of the volute tongue and blade-tongue clearance on the vibration of different positions of the fan were studied experimentally. And the binary regression equation of experimental data was obtained. In this paper, 11 volute tongues of different inclining angles and clearance were designed for testing and these two parameters were orthogonal distributed. The results show that the inclining type of keeping the radius of volute tongue constant is better to reduce vibration. The blade frequency amplitude of the volute vibration decreases firstly and then increases when the inclining angle and clearance increases independently. There is an optimum inclining angle for a particular blade-tongue clearance. The influence of inclining angle is more obvious under large clearance conditions. The vibration influence degree of the tongue clearance is greater than that of the inclining angle, and the vibration influence degree of the volute pathway is greater than that of the impeller-motor pathway. The blade frequency vibration amplitude of the optimal volute tongue in the volute tongue region is reduced by 12.8dB. The fitting formula can be used for the low noise design of the centrifugal fan.


Centrifugal Fan; Inclined Volute Tongue; Volute Tongue clearance; Vibration; Blade Frequency

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