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Effects of Aspect Ratio and Distance between Two Square Cylinders in a Tandem Arrangement on In-Line Oscillation Characteristics
Kazutoshi MATSUDA, Kusuo KATO, Yuta NAKAMURA, Haruna INOUE

Last modified: 2018-04-19


When multiple structures, such as the main towers for a bridge, heat exchangers and offshore structures, are placed adjacently in fluid, structures placed in the downstream side are exposed to complicated flow regions, because the separated shear layer reattaches to the downstream structures or interferes with the flow. For this reason, the distance between structures greatly influences changes in flow patterns around the downstream cylinder structures, so that the response characteristics of structures can be altered correspondingly.

The purpose of this study is to identify the basic in-line oscillation characteristics of two square cylinders in a tandem arrangement. Based on the supposition of actual structures, spring-supported tests, with both square cylinders elastically suspended, were conducted.

Not only the distance between the two cylinders but also the aspect ratio, was also chosen as the parameters. Because it was found by past researches that the in-line oscillation characteristics of single cylinder depends on the aspect ratio, it was thought to be important to comfirm it by two cylinders. Furthermore, flow visualization tests were performed by forced-oscillating two cylinders for consideration from the results of the spring-supported test.


in-line oscillation; two square cylinders; aspect ratio

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