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A fixed-grid fluid structure interaction method for fully-coupled compressible solid and incompressible fluid
Yu Song

Last modified: 2018-06-24


In this paper, we develop a fixed-grid fluid-structure interaction method - immersed volume method to solve the fluid structure interaction problem. In this method, the fluid mesh exists in the whole fluid and solid domain, and the solid is regarded as real occupation overlap the fluid domain. The fluid equations are solved in the whole FSI domain. While the fluid and solid interaction conditions are only transmitted on the fluid-structure interface. The proposed method avoids the interaction of the fluid and solid velocity except on the fluid-structure interface and has strong ability to solve the FSI problems for the compressible solid and the incompressible fluid. A 2D flow passing and elastic wall problem is simulated using the IVM. The solid deformation and fluid pressure variation shows good agreement with the traditional Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian method. A rotating rotor in a cavity is then computed to testify the robust of the boundary tracking scheme.


incompressible fluid; compressible solid; flow-condition-based interpolation; fluid structure interaction; Immersed boundary method;

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