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Study on the Theoretical Model of heat exchangers tube under both internal flow and cross flow
zhipeng feng, Huanhuan QI, Xuan HUANG, Fenggang ZANG, Shuai LIU, Fengchun CAI

Last modified: 2018-04-16


Aimed at the vibration problems of the heat transfer tube under the combined action of internal flow and cross flow, the motion equations of tube under internal and external flow excitation is obtained based on the Infinitesimal Method and the Euler-Bernoulli beam model. A theoretical models for predicting the flow induced vibration of the heat transfer tube with both internal and external flow are proposed using the fluid force Coefficients, where the fluid force Coefficients are obtained by the fully coupled method between fluid and structure. The motion equations of the system is discretized by the 4 order Galerkin method, and the vibration response of the heat transfer tube under cross flow is predicted using the fluid forces obtained from the numerical simulation of a fully fluid-structure coupling approach. The prediction results are compared with the results of the fully coupled fluid-structure-interaction simulation. Meanwhile, the vibration characteristics of the heat transfer tube under the combined action of internal and external flow are analyzed. The results show that, the amplitude predicted by the theoretical model based on the fluid force coefficients, obtained from fluid structure interaction, is smaller than that predicted by fluid-structure interaction simulation, especially the amplitude of the lock-in cannot be well predicted.


Cross flow; flow induced vibration; heat transfer tube; fluid-structure-interaction

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