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Gust response of a rectangular plate subjected to a sinusoidal gust
Keiichi Hiroaki, Masahiro Watanabe

Last modified: 2018-05-09


In a manufacturing process of flexible thin plates such as polarizing film for display, these plates are subjected to air flow from drying machine to dry coated liquid. Then, it is reported that gust response occurs due to gust caused by turbulence of drying air flow. The vibration causes wrinkle on the plate and resulting in quality defects. So, it is important to clarify the detailed vibration characteristics to avoid these defects.

This paper describes vibration characteristics of a cantilevered flexible plate subjected to a sinusoidal gust. A theoretical model to calculate a gust response using the Doublet-point method based on the unsteady lifting surface theory is developed. The frequency response of the plate is examined with changing the flow velocity. Finally, the results of simulated tranfer functions of the gust to the plate are presented in comparison to the experimental results derived by wind-tunnnel experiment.

Following major results are obtained;(1)Large amplitude response synchronized to sinusoidal gust occurs to the plate. (2)1st resonat peak correspond to bending 1st mode and 2nd resonant peak correspond to bending 2nd mode approach as flow velocity becomes higher.


Gust response; Sinusoidal gust; Flexible plate

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