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Fluid and structure interaction analysis via a fixed-point method and geometrically exact approach
Nie xueyuan

Last modified: 2018-04-17


To study the fluid structure interaction with the large structural deformation, a fixed point method with Aitken's dynamic relaxation is used to accelerate convergence of the coupling iteration. In addition, the geometrically exact approach proposed by Simo is adopted to simulate the geometrically nonlinear dynamics of flexible beams. In order to reduce the error of the computation of structural dynamics, an improved implicit time integration algorithm based on Simo-Newmark method is presented. The prediction of the flutter of AGARD 445.6 wing is performed to validate the application in transonic aeroelasticity for the fixed point method which is usually used in researches on incompressible fluid. The case of the vortex induced vibration of a cantilever is computed to verify the applicability of the approach based on geometrically exact beam theory and the efficiency of the fixed-point method is discussed.


fluid structure interaction; fixed-point method; geometrically nonlinear beam

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