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Bluff Bodies, Wakes, & Jets IV

Buoyancy effect on the velocity and concentration distributions in turbulent multi-component jets issuing from a pipe with a realistic leak geometry PDF
Majid Soleimani nia, Brian Maxwell, Peter Oshkai, Nedjib Djilali

Tube arrays III

Experimental investigation of in-flow fluidelastic instability for square tube bundles subjected to single-phase and two-phase transverse flows PDF
Xavier Delaune, Philippe Piteau, Laurent Borsoi, Jose Antunes
CFD estimation of damping-controlled fluidelastic instability maps dependence on array pitch ratio PDF
Beatriz de Pedro, Craig Meskell

Tube arrays IV

Evolution of the dynamics of loosely supported tubes under cross-flow with the flow velocity and the gaps' size PDF
Laurent Borsoi, Philippe Piteau, Benoit Prabel, Xavier Delaune, Jose Antunes

FIV in plant components II

Fluid-Structure Interaction of Francis Turbines at different Load Steps PDF
Eduard Doujak, Julian Unterluggauer
Numerical and experimental investigation of vortex-induced vibrations of a bundle of cylinders in axial flow PDF
Henri Dolfen, Fulvio Bertocchi, Martin Rohde, Jan Vierendeels, Joris Degroote

FIV in plant components III

Experimental investigation of a 2-D model of fluid forces upon a cylinder array in axial flow PDF
Aurélien Joly, Pierre Badel, Nicolas de Buretel de Chassey, Olivier Cadot, Alexandre Martin, Pierre Moussou, Luc Pastur

Flow-sound-structure interaction I

Self-sustained oscillations of open cavity flows: when the inner flow dynamics couple to the shear-layer oscillations PDF
Luc Pastur, François Lusseyran, Jérémy Basley, Christelle Douay

Flow-sound-structure interaction III

Experimental Investigation of Cavitation-Induced Acoustic Noise from Marine Propellers PDF
Dylan Iverson, Duncan William McIntyre, Mostafa Rahimpour, Giorgio Tani, Fabiana Miglianti, Michele Viviani, Zuomin Dong, Peter Oshkai

Flow-sound-structure interaction IV

Reynolds number effect on wall pressure fluctuations induced by a subsonic jet on a tangential flat plate PDF
Stefano Meloni, Alessandro Di Marco, Matteo Mancinelli, Roberto Camussi

FIV in submerged structures and naval vehicles I

Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Transition Induced Vibration on a Hydrofoil PDF
Antoine Ducoin, Jacques André Astolfi

CFD techniques in FSI/FIV I

Sensitivity analysis applied for a flow around spring-mounted cylinder PDF
Daiane Iglesia Dolci, Bruno Souza Carmo
Bidimensional numerical simulations of the flow around arrays of four fixed cylinders PDF
Daniela Miwa Uemura Kawaguti, Alessandro Alberto de Lima, Guilherme Rosa Franzini, Giovanni Aiosa do Amaral

CFD techniques in FSI/FIV II

Simulations of a Flexible Cylinder in a Confined Region using a Chimera technique PDF
Lucas Franky Delcour, Jan Vierendeels, Joris Degroote

FSI with multi-phase flows I

Numerical investigation and analysis of a dispersed two-phase flow across a single rigid cylinder PDF
William Benguigui, Enrico Deri, Jérôme Laviéville, Stéphane Mimouni, Elisabeth Longatte

FSI with multi-phase flows II

Influence of the mass flow rate and void fraction on the vibration of a horizontal U-bend subjected to an upwards flowing air/water-mixture PDF
Laurent De Moerloose, Jan Vierendeels, Joris Degroote
Numerical investigation of a single gas structure impacting a cylinder, first steps towards the up-scaling PDF
William Benguigui, Enrico Deri, Jérôme Laviéville, Stéphane Mimouni, Elisabeth Longatte

FIV due to turbulence and vortex-shedding II

Experimental Investigation of Boundary Layer Tripping on Oscillating Foils PDF
Dylan Iverson, Matthieu Boudreau, Guy Dumas, Peter Oshkai

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