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Bluff Bodies, Wakes, & Jets I

Passive suppression of transverse galloping using a non-linear energy sink PDF
Bianca Teixeira, Frédérick Pierre Gosselin, Guilherme Rosa Franzini

Bluff Bodies, Wakes, & Jets II

Self-Excited Oscillations of Wiping Air Knives Part II: Suppression of Jet Oscillation PDF
Donal A. Finnerty, Samir Ziada, Joseph R. McDermid

FIV in plant components IV

Study on the Theoretical Model of heat exchangers tube under both internal flow and cross flow PDF
zhipeng feng, Huanhuan QI, Xuan HUANG, Fenggang ZANG, Shuai LIU, Fengchun CAI

Flow-sound-structure interaction III

Numerical Models for Internal Sound Pressure Level Prediction PDF
Luca Fenini, Stefano Malavasi

CFD techniques in FSI/FIV III

Numerical investigation of the structural response of a heaving airfoil subjected to oscillatory flow and parametric excitation PDF
Rodolfo Curci Puraca, Guilherme Rosa Franzini, Bruno Souza Carmo

FIV due to turbulence and vortex-shedding I

A numerical study of VIV suppression using a rotative NES (Non-linear Energy Sink) and a wake-oscillator model PDF
Tatiana Ueno, Guilherme Rosa Franzini, Beatriz Sayuri Sato

FIV due to turbulence and vortex-shedding II

An Experimental Investigation on VIV of Cantilevered Flexible Cylinders with Orthotropic Bending Stiffness PDF
Wagner Antonio Defensor Filho

FSI applications II

An experimental and numerical study of FSI applied to sail yacht flexible hydrofoil with large deformations PDF
Vanilla Temtching Temou, Odran Fagherazzi, Benoit Augier, Jacques-André Astolfi, David Raison

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