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Bluff Bodies, Wakes, & Jets II

Control of vortex shedding from a circular cylinder by rotating wake-control cylinders at a moderate Reynolds number PDF
Gustavo R S Assi, Reinaldo M Orselli, Mariana Silva-Ortega

Bluff Bodies, Wakes, & Jets IV

Buoyancy effect on the velocity and concentration distributions in turbulent multi-component jets issuing from a pipe with a realistic leak geometry PDF
Majid Soleimani nia, Brian Maxwell, Peter Oshkai, Nedjib Djilali

FIV in plant components II

Development of dynamic model for axial vibration of a liquid hydrogen turbopump and determination of its cause PDF
Kazuya Sakamoto, Akane Uemichi, Itsuki Onishi, Takayuki Sugiyama, Shigehiko Kaneko

FIV in plant components III

Self-Excited Vibration of a Floating Plate in an Air Floating System (Influence of elasticity of the support structure) PDF
Masakazu Takeda, Kazunori Ozawa, Masahiro Watanabe

Flow-sound-structure interaction III

Experimental Investigation of Cavitation-Induced Acoustic Noise from Marine Propellers PDF
Dylan Iverson, Duncan William McIntyre, Mostafa Rahimpour, Giorgio Tani, Fabiana Miglianti, Michele Viviani, Zuomin Dong, Peter Oshkai

FIV due to turbulence and vortex-shedding I

Effect of chord-wise flexibility on propulsive performance of oscillating foils PDF
Dylan Iverson, Mostafa Rahimpour, Makito Sakai, Takahiro Kiwata, Peter Oshkai

FIV due to turbulence and vortex-shedding II

Experimental Investigation of Boundary Layer Tripping on Oscillating Foils PDF
Dylan Iverson, Matthieu Boudreau, Guy Dumas, Peter Oshkai

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