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Bluff Bodies, Wakes, & Jets III

Preliminary Testing of a New Vibration Energy Harvester PDF
Sam Gustin, Martin Agelin-chaab, Kirtan Patel

Tube arrays III

Experimental investigation of in-flow fluidelastic instability for square tube bundles subjected to single-phase and two-phase transverse flows PDF
Xavier Delaune, Philippe Piteau, Laurent Borsoi, Jose Antunes
Benoit Prabel, Philippe Piteau, Laurent Borsoi, José Antunes

Tube arrays IV

Evolution of the dynamics of loosely supported tubes under cross-flow with the flow velocity and the gaps' size PDF
Laurent Borsoi, Philippe Piteau, Benoit Prabel, Xavier Delaune, Jose Antunes

FIV in plant components III

Experimental investigation of a 2-D model of fluid forces upon a cylinder array in axial flow PDF
Aurélien Joly, Pierre Badel, Nicolas de Buretel de Chassey, Olivier Cadot, Alexandre Martin, Pierre Moussou, Luc Pastur

Flow-sound-structure interaction I

Self-sustained oscillations of open cavity flows: when the inner flow dynamics couple to the shear-layer oscillations PDF
Luc Pastur, François Lusseyran, Jérémy Basley, Christelle Douay

Flow-sound-structure interaction IV

Self-resonating frequency and cavitation noise of organ-pipe water jet PDF
Yan Pan, Tengfei Cai, Fei Ma, Linbin Qiu, Lihua Cui

FIV in submerged structures and naval vehicles I

Nonlinear dynamics of a hanging cantilevered pipe simultaneously subjected to internal and external axial flows PDF
Ahmed R. Abdelbaki, Michael P. Paidoussis, Arun K. Misra

CFD techniques in FSI/FIV II

Nonlinear dynamics of slender inverted flags in axial flow PDF
Mohammad Tavallaeinejad, Michael P. Paidoussis, Mathias Legrand

CFD techniques in FSI/FIV III

Numerical investigation of the structural response of a heaving airfoil subjected to oscillatory flow and parametric excitation PDF
Rodolfo Curci Puraca, Guilherme Rosa Franzini, Bruno Souza Carmo

FSI applications II

A 3D Non-Linear Reduced Order Model for a Cantilevered Pipe Conveying Fluid under VIV PDF
Renato Maia Matarazzo Orsino, Celso Pupo Pesce, Guilherme Rosa Franzini

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