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Bluff Bodies, Wakes, & Jets I

Hysteretic behaviour of the wind loading for two closely spaced surface-mounted finite-height cylinders in a staggered configuration PDF
Hayden Karl Reitenbach, David Sumner

Bluff Bodies, Wakes, & Jets II

Self-Excited Oscillations of Wiping Air Knives, Part I: General Behavior and Fluid Loading on the Strip Sheet PDF
Samir Ziada, Adam Ritcey, Jili Ma, Joseph McDermid

Bluff Bodies, Wakes, & Jets IV

Experimental and theoretical analysis of perturbation growth in a laminar jet PDF
Julia Zayko, Sergey Teplovodskii, Anastasia Chicherina, Vladimir Trifonov, Vasily Vedeneev, Alexander Reshmin

FIV in plant components II

Numerical and experimental investigation of vortex-induced vibrations of a bundle of cylinders in axial flow PDF
Henri Dolfen, Fulvio Bertocchi, Martin Rohde, Jan Vierendeels, Joris Degroote

Flow-sound-structure interaction III

Experimental Investigation of Cavitation-Induced Acoustic Noise from Marine Propellers PDF
Dylan Iverson, Duncan William McIntyre, Mostafa Rahimpour, Giorgio Tani, Fabiana Miglianti, Michele Viviani, Zuomin Dong, Peter Oshkai

Flow-sound-structure interaction IV

Matthew Damon Reynolds

CFD techniques in FSI/FIV I

Bidimensional numerical simulations of the flow around arrays of four fixed cylinders PDF
Daniela Miwa Uemura Kawaguti, Alessandro Alberto de Lima, Guilherme Rosa Franzini, Giovanni Aiosa do Amaral

FIV due to turbulence and vortex-shedding I

Effect of chord-wise flexibility on propulsive performance of oscillating foils PDF
Dylan Iverson, Mostafa Rahimpour, Makito Sakai, Takahiro Kiwata, Peter Oshkai

FSI applications II

A 3D Non-Linear Reduced Order Model for a Cantilevered Pipe Conveying Fluid under VIV PDF
Renato Maia Matarazzo Orsino, Celso Pupo Pesce, Guilherme Rosa Franzini
An experimental and numerical study of FSI applied to sail yacht flexible hydrofoil with large deformations PDF
Vanilla Temtching Temou, Odran Fagherazzi, Benoit Augier, Jacques-André Astolfi, David Raison

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