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Bluff Bodies, Wakes, & Jets IV

Experimental and theoretical analysis of perturbation growth in a laminar jet PDF
Julia Zayko, Sergey Teplovodskii, Anastasia Chicherina, Vladimir Trifonov, Vasily Vedeneev, Alexander Reshmin

FIV in plant components II

Numerical and experimental investigation of vortex-induced vibrations of a bundle of cylinders in axial flow PDF
Henri Dolfen, Fulvio Bertocchi, Martin Rohde, Jan Vierendeels, Joris Degroote

Flow-sound-structure interaction II

Aeroelastic response of a pitch-plunge airfoil with non-zero initial angle of attack PDF
Petr Šidlof, Martin Štěpán, Václav Vlček, David Šimurda, Martin Luxa, Jaromír Horáček

Flow-sound-structure interaction III

Experimental Investigation of Cavitation-Induced Acoustic Noise from Marine Propellers PDF
Dylan Iverson, Duncan William McIntyre, Mostafa Rahimpour, Giorgio Tani, Fabiana Miglianti, Michele Viviani, Zuomin Dong, Peter Oshkai

Flow-sound-structure interaction IV

Single mode flutter of non-rectangular flat panels at low supersonic speeds PDF
Farruh Abdukhakimov, Vasily Vedeneev

CFD techniques in FSI/FIV II

Simulations of a Flexible Cylinder in a Confined Region using a Chimera technique PDF
Lucas Franky Delcour, Jan Vierendeels, Joris Degroote

FSI with multi-phase flows II

Influence of the mass flow rate and void fraction on the vibration of a horizontal U-bend subjected to an upwards flowing air/water-mixture PDF
Laurent De Moerloose, Jan Vierendeels, Joris Degroote

FIV due to turbulence and vortex-shedding II

Controlling the Flow-Induced Vibration of a Circular Cylinder Via a Single Spanwise Tripwire PDF
Ehsan Vaziri, Alis Ekmekci

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